• Hello & Welcome to your INFO KIT!

    Congrats on booking your THIFT stall!


    ...And more importantly congrats on being part of the solution. Thrifting means you are giving clothes a longer life span, and rewarding yourself with some extra $ in your pocket!




    Below is all you need to know about having a thrift stall at Mod Markit. We will be sending you your stall locations the week before Mod Markit which will include the exact details of where you will be located on the day as well as any other info required.

    How will my stall look?

    You will have a 1.5m x 1.5m space with a clothing rack that is 1.5m long. You
    can also bring a small display table if you like, or a basket, or anything else you feel might help you display your items that will fit in your space - get creative! You will need to bring your own clothing hangers!

    How would I bring my items?

    We highly recommend using suitcases or trolleys to bring your items to the event whether you are driving or taking public transport.

    How do I swap my items?

    If you see something your like from another stall holder, just approach them and let them know you would like to swap! Not all stall holders may want to swap, but there is no harm in asking, right? Just be kind, have an open mind and always have fun!

    Can I leave my stall unattended?

    We recommend hiring a stall with a friend. This allows allows you to have breaks, do some shopping yourself and even save money on rent. If you want the whole stall to yourself, you can request to be next door to a friend, we can accommodate this if you let us know in advance. We do not recommend leaving your stall unattended.

    Will I know where my stall is ahead of time? In the days leading up to Mod Markit we will add the Stall Location Document to this info kit which maps out the event space and indicates your stall number and location.

    Can I share my stall with others?

    YES! We recommend this. It can be tiring to be at a stall all day by yourself, and it also means you cant have breaks and shop yourself. We recommend sharing the space, or booking with a friend so you can be located next door to each other.

    Can I only sell modest clothing?

    You can bring any clothing you like, but as our event is targeted as a modest fashion event, Mod Markiters will most likely be looking for modest fashion. That said, we all know that even the most Rihanna-esque dress can be transformed with some alterations and layers to be the perfect outfit by any modest fashionista.

    How do I tell people about my stall?

    You will receive an email from us in due course with social media posts that you can use to promote your stall. Feel free to share our official event on Facebook.


    How should I price my stuff?

    We recommend you do your research and set realistic asking prices based on the condition and age of the clothes you are selling. We recommend you set your prices prior to the day and make price tags which can be easily made by cutting an A4 page into 10 pieces with prices written on them and pinning it onto your items. You should expect customers will engage in some form of bargaining which is common in markets; remember it is all part of the fun!


    Am I able to change where my stall is? Unless you need access to certain facilities due to medical or disability reasons, the stall number provided to you is most likely where your stall will be. If you have a disability or medical condition that might hinder your day, don’t hesitate to email me at thrift@modmarkit.com with your requests and we will try our best to accommodate for them.

    Have a question we haven't answered?

    Get in touch with me and ill get back to you as soon as possible, much love! Iffah x



    This is not a complete timetable of the day, rather it includes the times relevant to bump-in and bump-out.


    Bump-in and bump-out times must be strictly adhered to as it would allow for a smooth run of the day. If you miss your bump-in time you may be refused entry and are not eligible for a refund.


    Your safety and the safety of others is our priority. Your stall must be set up, maintained and packed down in a safe manner. You must have your set up complete within the bump-in time and your pack up complete during bump-out time.


    Sign in at the front desk, you will be shown your allocated space and introduced to one of our team who will be your main point of contact throughout the day.

    10AM - 11:30AM: BUMP IN

    Since Mod Markit is at Queen Victoria Market this year (and on a Saturday, the busiest time of the week!) The easiest way to come would be carpooling so you have less cars to worry about parking all day, or even transport (pack your items in a suitcase).


    You can not drive in OR park your car in the front. You must be organised and bring your belongings in a suitcase or find a way to make it easily portable.


    Begin to pack up, trading ends.


    Take any rubbish home with you.


    This year Mod Markit is partnering up with Epilepsy Foundation who will arrive at 5PM to pick up any items you have not sold, that you do not want to take home. All the profits go towards supporting their people who have epilepsy. They work to reduce epilepsy deaths, educating schools to cater for students who have epilepsy, and increasing quality of life in general for those with epilepsy of all ages.


    All stall holders must vacate event space.



    Mod Markit will be held in Shed A at Queen Vic Market. Note that there are onsite paid parking spaces, side street free parking (please take note of signage). Shed A is light orange coloured block closest to the corner of Peel St and Victoria St.

  • Car

    Parking is available on Queen Street between Therry and Victoria Streets, and also in the Market carpark which is accessible via Franklin or Queen Streets.

    All day Parking

    -Wilson Parking 380 Latrobe Street- $11 Saturday

    -The Mint 383 Latrobe Street- $10 weekend flat rate

    -Wilson Parking 300 Latrobe Street- $10 Saturday

    -CBD Park 58 Franklin Street $12 weekend flat rate


    It’s also super easy to catch a tram! Just jump on Yarra Trams route 19, 57, 58 or 59 which stop right outside the Market and depart as often as every 5 minutes.


    Only a 7 minute walk from Melbourne Central and Flagstaff Stations. Walk north along Elizabeth or William Street.

  • Below are the T&C's you agree to when you have a stall at Mod Markit this year.

    Terms & Conditions

    When you purchase a stall at Mod Markit, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions below. Please make sure you understand them prior to the event and contact us if you need clarification at thrift@modmarkit.com


    We want to make your experience as comfortable as possible, please let us know if you have any specific requests and we will try our best to cater to them.

    Your stall location is automatically allocated upon payment. The earlier you book and pay for your stall, the better your location will be on the day.


    Any reference to “Markit day” means August 31st 2019.



    If your stall is approved and payment is made, you will receive an email no less than 10 days prior to the Markit day detailing the procedures of the day as well as your stall allocation.



    Public liability insurance is included your stall fees. Mod Markit is not liable for loss, theft or damage to your stock or stall on the Markit day. You are responsible for supervising your goods at all times.



    You are only allowed to sell pre-loved clothing. This also includes clothes you have that still have new tags remaining on them. To have any percentage of your stall dedicated to new clothing items you must hire a business stall. If your clothing still has new tags on them that is fine, this is more for those who wish to buy new stock with the intention to sell them.

    No subletting your space with a business is permitted.



    You are responsible for cleaning your preloved clothes prior to selling them on the Markit day. You are responsible for ensuring that your clothes are of acceptable quality.




    By agreeing, you are allowing Mod Markit to use images of your preloved clothes for advertising purposes.



    If you wish to cancel your application, you must notify us immediately at thrift@modmarkit.com. A full refund will be provided if you cancel up to 30 days prior to the Markit day. No refund will be provided if you cancel in the last 30 days leading up to the Markit day.



    You are responsible for following instructions from any Mod Markit staff prior to the day in emails or on the day by staff. Sometimes last-minute changes to stall locations are required on Markit day and you must follow instructions given by the Mod Markit Team.



    Bump-in and bump-out times must be strictly adhered to as different types of stalls will have different bump-in times. You will receive an email leading up to the Markit day informing you of when your bump-in time is. If you miss your bump-in time you may be refused entry and are not eligible for a refund.

    Your safety and the safety of others is our priority. Your stall must be set up, maintained and packed down in a safe manner. You must have your set up complete within the bump-in time and your pack up complete during bump-out time.



    Mod Markit is a friendly and open environment that wants all stallholders to feel welcome. We prioritise safety and stall holders must ensure all belongings, signage and displays are completely confined within your allocated space. We have a strict policy for not hanging things or sticking things on the walls. Stalls must be kept neat and well-presented at all times.

    Any signage must be clear and all of your items to be sold must be priced clearly.

    You are responsible for the complete set up and pack up of your stall. You must bring all the equipment you need including tables, chairs or enough cash.


    Shed A at Queen Victoria Market is located under shelter, we recommend you come prepared with any weather protection you or your stall might need in case of any cold, windy or rainy weather. Safety is priority, ensure no items are displayed on the floor where it can pose as a hazard to those passing by.

    To make shopping at your stall an experience enjoyable for customers and to maximise sales for the day, come prepared with everything your customers will or may need. This includes carry bags (avoid plastic), correct change, and anything else you can think of. We highly recommend you have capacity to take electronic transactions to maximise your sales opportunities. Square and PayPal are popular options.



    If you identify a safety hazard, isolate the risk immediately if it is safe to do so, call 000 if required, and notify someone from the Mod Markit team.



    We encourage you to minimise the amount of packaging used where possible, and use sustainably sourced, biodegradable or reusable packaging.



    Unless written consent is provided by Mod Markit, no power, gas or similar equipment may be used at the Markit.



    Bullying and harassment of any person involved in the Markit, including stallholders, visitors and staff at Mod Markit is not tolerated. Stallholders must follow instructions provided by the Mod Markit team at all times. Failure to do so may result in a stall holder forfeiting their stall and being asked to leave as soon as is practicable.



    Stall holders are responsible to leave their space exactly as they found it. All rubbish needs to be taken back with you and disposed of responsibly. Rubbish must not be left at the Markit and the bins at the Markit are only for the use of customers. Any rubbish produced by your stall needs to be taken home. Mod Markit and the venue ‘ Queen Victoria Market’ are not responsible to discard your rubbish. If additional cleaning is required due to waste, dirt, glitter, confetti etc. left on the ground, charges will be passed on to the stall holder. Any extra fees incurred by Mod Markit will be forwarded to the stalls responsible. Any fines will be passed onto the stall holder.


    In the event of any unforeseen or unexpected events out of our control, for example where Queen Victoria Market or any other official authority cancel the event, Mod Markit cannot be held responsible and a refund will not be available.



    All stallholders acknowledge and agree that Mod Markit management takes no responsibility or representation in relation to or in connection with the Stall holder's occupation or use of the Markit. Mod Markit is not responsible for any claims, actions, demands or suits that you may face as a result of your conduct.



    Smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited on the premises and for the duration of the Markit. Stallholders must not smoke within 20 metres of any entry/exit door at the Markit.

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