• 3/6/2019


    Australia’s largest modest fashion event will be an independent event partner with Melbourne Fashion
    Week 2019 this year.

    The brainchild of young Melbourne fashion blogger and Pharmacist Zulfiye Tufa, Mod Markit is an
    annual pop-up which provides a platform for Australian modest fashion brands to sell their clothing.
    “The rise of modest clothing shows progress, but the market is still segmented in Australian cities,
    where Muslim women are often confined to shopping online, or to visiting the one or two stores
    located an hour away from them,” Ms Tufa says.

    She says the goals of the event go beyond fashion, providing leadership and business opportunities
    for Muslim women and women of colour in Melbourne.

    “It’s about creating opportunity in a place where it once didn't exist,” she explains.
    By 2025, the global Islamic fashion industry is predicted to be worth more than 88 billion US dollars –
    and it’s a segment that both high end and high street labels are taking note of.

    By joining M/FW 2019 as an independent event partner, this year’s Mod Markit hopes to highlight the
    new, exciting and creative forces in the Australian modest wear scene.

    Mod Markit will be held from August 31 st – September 1st 2019. To arrange interviews, please email

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