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    Information Kit!


    Thank you for booking a business booth at Mod Markit 2019! We are fast approaching what is poised to be our biggest event yet, and we are beyond excited to have you on board! To help navigate the day, we have put together the following Information Pack.


    How will my space look?

    Your space will be marked out for you on the day. It is an empty space waiting to be made your own so get creative! You have the freedom to decorate and make use of your space in any way - as long as you stay within the confines of the measured space. You can also bring a display table or anything else you feel might help you display your items that will fit in your space.

    Will I know where my space

    is ahead of time?

    We will be updating this information kit on the 25th of August with information to reflect your exact stall location and number.

    Where can I hire racks, mannequins, mirrors and any other retail equipment I may require?

    We have worked out a deal with www.instantretail.com.au who offer a wide range of professional quality racks and retail equipment at very reasonable prices. You can contact scottw@instantretail.com.au to get a quote about rack hire.

    Where can I go if I need business cards, banners or any printing done?

    As a proud sponsor of Mod Markit, Vic Print Group is offering a 20% discount on any printed materials related to Mod Markit. This includes pull up banners, business cards and leaflets.

    Vic Print Group: (03) 9687 5071.

    Gemeda: 0423 056 387

    Who can I hire to decorate my booth?

    Decorations by Hannah is a trusted sponsor of Mod Markit who is available to turn your empty space into a beautiful and attractive place that customers can enjoy while shopping from your booth.


    IG: Decorationsbyhannah

    Can I share my booth with another business?

    To accommodate for the different stages businesses are at, we have implemented stall sharing this year. Honey and Chic stall holders are permitted to share their space with one other business this year upon approval from the business team. Both businesses must still apply separately. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

    Am I able to change the

    location of my booth?

    Unless there are extreme circumstances and you need access to certain facilities due to medical reasons or due to disability, stall allocations will be final. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact business@modmarkit.com and we will endeavour to accommodate your requests.

    If I am not from Melbourne, where is the best place for me to stay?

    The venue is centrally located in the city of Melbourne, at Kensington. Some accommodation options that are within a 15 minute walk (or a 5 minute drive) from the venue are:

    • Park Squire Serviced Apartments - If you email Shawn at parksquire@msn.com.au and mention Mod Markit, you will be guaranteed a cheaper rate than anything you can find online.
    • Quest Flemington Central
    • The Larwill Studio 
    • Melrose Apartments 

    There is also an abundance of properties on Airbnb that are also within walking distance.


    *Please note that the above mentioned venues are not affiliated with Mod Markit, they have merely been recommended based on their proximity to the venue.



    How do I transport my stock to the venue on the day?

    We highly recommend using suitcases or trolleys to bring your items to the event.

    How do I tell customers about my booth?

    You should be receiving your Mod Markit social media promotion materials very soon! Don’t forget to add links to our Facebook event, and website where customers can buy tickets.

    Have a question that is not here?

    Feel free to email me any further questions in the box below. We can’t wait to see you all on Sunday 1st of September!


    Much love,

    Iman xx



    This is not a complete time table of the day, rather it includes the times relevant to your business hiring stalls. Bump-in and bump-out times must be strictly adhered to as different types of stalls will have different bump-in times. If you miss your bump-in time you may be refused entry and will not eligible for a refund.


    Your safety and the safety of others is our priority. Your stall must be set up, maintained and packed down in a safe manner. You must have your setup complete within the bump-in time and your pack up complete during bump-out time.


    Sign in at the front desk, you will be shown your allocated space and introduced to one of our team who will be your main point of contact throughout the day.


    When you are loading your stock we will have entrances you can enter through to make it easier for you. You will need to be ON TIME for this to work, otherwise you will need to park on the street and bring your stock from there.

    8AM - BUMP IN BUMP IN for Plush, Lush, Boujee Booths

    You will be sent a map closer to the date of the exact locations you can enter through to bring in all your stock. You have until 8:45AM which is when the Chic and Honey stalls will be using these entrances.

    8:45AM - BUMP IN for Chic & Honey Booths

    Bump in should be complete by 9:45. If you arrive after 10AM you forfeit the right to bump in.

    10:00 to 5:00 - Trading hours

    Sell Sell Sell! We will be sharing some tips with you on how to have a successful stall and make the most of your experience at Mod Markit.

    5:00 to 5:45 - BUMP OUT for Honey, Chic and Boujee Booths

    Bump out must be completed within one hour so prepare your booth accordingly. There is STRICTLY no access to the venue beyond 6pm for businesses.



    5:00 to 5:45PM - Plush, Lush booths, AND runway brands restock and prepare for post runway sales.

    All brands will be asked to exit the main hall at 6PM sharp. Re-entrance for the show occurs at 7PM.

    Brands participating in Runway that have a booth will be allowed to continue trading after the runway until 9:30PM. All runway brands will be located in the 'Chic Booths' Section in order to accommodate the runway set up in the centre of the Main Hall.

    7:00 to 8:30 RUNWAY

    No trading during the show

    8:30 to 9:30 Post Runway Trade (Plush, Lush and Runway Booths only)

    Trade freely


    The venue is to be evacuated of all business booths by 10PM.



    Mod Markit: Fashion Hub will be held at Melbourne Pavilion

  • Car

    Because Melbourne Pavillion is in an industrial area, and our event is on a Sunday, there will be plenty of street parking available for free.


    Tram 57 from the city takes 25 minutes to arrive at the venue, and if you disembark at stop 23, you will be a 1 minute walk from the venue.


    Flemington Bridge Railway Station on the Upfield Line is 266m from Melbourne Pavilion.


    OR Get off at New Market Railway Station on the Craigieburn Line and take Tram 57 towards city.



    Below is the indoor map of Melbourne Pavilion. We will be updating this to reflect your exact booth location. Booths are allocated according to how early you booked. Booth allocations are set and can only changed in extreme circumstances or special requests.

  • Below are the T&C's you agree to when you have a booth at Mod Markit this year.

    Terms & Conditions

    When you apply for a business booth at Mod Markit, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions below. Please make sure you understand them prior to the event and contact us if you need clarification at business@modmarkit.com


    We want to make your experience is as comfortable as possible, please let us know if you have any specific requests and we will try our best to cater to them. Your booth location is automatically allocated upon payment. The earlier you book and pay for your booth, the better your location will be on the day.



    In order to offer a variety of products and services so that our Markit appeals to a diverse range of customers, a limited number of booths in each product category are selected for the event by Event Management. Acceptance of this application is at the discretion of Mod Markit and all decisions are final.



    If you received news your application is accepted, you must make a payment for your place to be secured. Until payment is made, there is no guarantee that you have a space at the event.



    If your booth is approved and payment is made, you will receive an email no less than 10 days prior to Mod Markit detailing the procedures of the day as well as your booth allocation.



    Honey and Chic Booth holders are permitted to sub-lease their allocated booth with up to one other business.

    Plush, Lush and Boujee Booth holders are strictly not permitted to sublease or share booths.


    Conditions to sub-letting include:

    - No more than two businesses are permitted per booth.

    - A separate application form must be filled out for each business.

    - Sharing a booth without prior permission of Mod Markit is not permitted.

    - It a business wishes to sub-lease, the responsibility falls on that business to find a business to share booth space with.


    Sub-letting or sharing is only permitted under the consent of Mod Markit. If any of the above conditions are not met, Mod Markit reserves the right to cease business trading for both businesses involved.


    Booth holders are also not permitted to give away their booth to another business if they are unable to make it on the day.



    Public liability insurance is included in your booth fees. There are no discounts on the fee, even if you have your own insurance already. In the event of an insurance claim, the booth holder is responsible for paying any excess and associated costs. Although Public Liability insurance is included, we highly recommend you have your own insurance cover. This does not include Product Liability Insurance.



    If you sell or offer cosmetics, food or consumables at the event, including free, raising money for charity, or offering samples or testers, you must provide a copy of your current Product Liability insurance. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your application. It is strongly encouraged that Product Liability insurance is obtained by all booth holders.


    Mod Markit is not liable for loss, theft or damage to your stock or booth on the event day. You are responsible for supervising your goods at all times.



    Booth holders are only allowed to sell items they have applied to sell. Any items you wish to sell in addition must be approved by the Mod Markit team first.



    By agreeing, you are allowing Mod Markit to use images of your products for advertising purposes as well as to advertise your attendance at the Event. If you supply us with images you must first ensure they are copyright free.



    If you wish to cancel your application, you must notify us immediately at business@modmarkit.com. A full refund will be provided if you cancel 60 days prior to the event, a 50% refund will be provided if you cancel up to 30 days prior to the event. No refund will be provided if you cancel in the last 30 days leading up to the event.



    Booth holders are responsible for following instructions from any Mod Markit staff prior to the day in emails or on the day by staff. If you sell out before the end of the event, you cannot pack up early as this presents a hazard to customers and other booth holders. You may put a sign on your booth indicating you have sold out and leave your booth, however you must remain at the event site.


    Sometimes last minute changes to booth locations are required on event day and you must follow the instructions given by the Mod Markit Team.


    Bump-in and bump-out times must be strictly adhered to as different types of booths will have different bump-in times. You will receive an email leading up to the event informing you of when your bump-in time is. If you miss your bump-in time you may be refused entry and are not eligible for a refund.

    Your safety and the safety of others is our priority. Your booth must be set up, maintained and packed down in a safe manner. You must have your setup complete within the bump-in time and your pack up complete during bump-out time.


    Mod Markit is a friendly and open environment that wants all booth holders to feel welcome. We prioritise safety and booth holders must ensure all belongings, signage and displays are completely confined within your allocated space. We have a strict policy for not hanging things or sticking things on the walls. Booths must be kept neat and well-presented at all times.


    Any signage must be clear and all of your items to be sold must be priced clearly.

    Each business is responsible for the complete set up and pack up of the booth. Booth holders must bring all the equipment they need including tables, chairs, clothing racks, enough cash eftpos supplies for the day.


    Booth holders are responsible for ensuring their set up is safe and set up according to manufacturer's guidelines when using equipment. Safety is priority, ensure no stock is displayed on the floor where it can pose as a hazard to those passing by. This applies to all booths.


    To make shopping at your booth an experience enjoyable for customers and to maximise sales for the day, come prepared with everything your customers will or may need. This includes carry bags, correct change, business cards and anything else you can think of. We highly recommend that you have the capacity to take electronic transactions to maximise your sales opportunities. Square and PayPal are popular options.



    If you identify a safety hazard, isolate the risk immediately if it is safe to do so, call 000 if required, and notify someone from the Mod Markit team.



    We encourage booth holders to minimise the amount of packaging used where possible, and use sustainably sourced, biodegradable or reusable packaging.



    Unless written consent is provided by Mod Markit, no power, gas or similar equipment may be used at the event.




    Bullying and harassment of any person involved in the event, including booth holders, visitors and staff at Mod Markit is not tolerated. Booth holders must follow the instructions provided by the Mod Markit team at all times. Failure to do so may result in a booth holder forfeiting their booth and being asked to leave as soon as is practicable.



    Booth holders are responsible to leave their space exactly as they found it. All rubbish needs to be taken back with you and disposed of responsibly. Rubbish must not be left at the event and the bins at the event are only for the use of customers. Any rubbish produced by your booth needs to be taken home. Mod Markit and the Melbourne Pavilion venue are not responsible to discard your rubbish. If additional cleaning is required due to waste, dirt, glitter, confetti etc left on the ground, charges will be passed on to the booth holder. Any extra fees incurred by Mod Markit will be forwarded to the booths responsible. Any fines will be passed onto the booth holder.



    Regardless of the weather, Mod Markit will go ahead as it is primarily an indoor event. The outdoor booths are all sheltered. Mod Markit is not liable for any business lost from adverse weather conditions.



    If for events out of our control, Melbourne Pavilion or any other official authority cancel the event, Mod Markit can not be held responsible and a refund will not be available.



    All booth holders acknowledge and agree that Mod Markit management takes no responsibility or representation in relation to or in connection with the Booth holder's occupation or use of the Event. Mod Markit is not responsible for any claims, actions, demands or suits that you may face as a result of your conduct.



    Smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited on the premises and for the duration of the Markit. Booth holders must not smoke within 20 metres of any entry/exit door at the Markit.

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