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Written by Nada Breik

Picture this: Mod Markit day has arrived and you’ve done everything you need to prepare for this day. You’ve cleaned, sorted and priced your clothing. As you walk into the venue, you can't help but smile, remembering all the great memories you had wearing each of the garments you will be selling today. It's going to be a beautiful day!

In order to make the most of your experience at Mod Markit, we’ve put together some tips on how you can run a successful stall!

Stall presentation is key

Make sure you bring with you some small trinkets and/or flowers to help you design your stall. People are drawn to well-presented, neat and lively stalls. Increase your chances of selling with an attractive fun looking stall. Presentation also includes placing price tags on the clothes so its easy for customers to naviagate.

Greetings connect people

Smiling and greeting customers as they walk in front of your stall will draw them to your stall. Remember even our beloved prophet (PBUH) emphasised the significance of a smile as a form of charity. Connect with your potential customers with a smile and a greeting. It will hopefully increase your sales and your enjoyment of the event.

Ease please!

We recommend you to have options available that allow card payments or bank transfers. Our generation is hopeless when it comes to carrying cash so please consider how to make it easy for your customers. You will make more money if you have an eftpos or card payment alternative. PayPal might be helpful to!

Predetermine prices

We recommend you determine the prices of your items of clothing prior to Mod Markit day after considerable thought of their style, condition and age. You can make DIY price tags with some paper and pins. Keep in mind this is a market and customers will engage in bargaining so be considerate and flexible.

My preloved clothing

Remember the clothes you are selling were once your cherished and loved belongings. The essence of your memories can be found within the fibres and threads. Be sure to promote your clothes by speaking up and showcasing your personality. Customers are drawn to the authentic, personable and loud seller at a bazaar or market. You be that authentic seller! Present yourself with your vivacious personality. Show them these clothes come from a loving home and have been taken care of. Customers will appreciate it and value the clothes a lot more than you think.

Thank you again for booking a stall at Mod Markit and we cannot wait to see you on September 30th!

Nada Breik is the stall coordinator for the preloved clothes stalls at Mod Markit 2018. She is a passionate Palestinian and modest wear fashionista.

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