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    I remember walking into clothing shops for women over 60 countless times to find suitable clothing. It was with heartbreaking frustration that I, a 21 year old, questioned why these were the only stores that offered modest options. As it turns out, I was not alone in this struggle, and since then over the last seven years, there has been a surge of 'Modest Fashion' options, as Muslim women assert their place in the market; seeking clothing that reflects their faith AND style. The rise of modest clothing shows progress, but the market is still segmented in Western countries where Muslim women are often confined to shopping online, or to visiting the one or two stores located an hour away from them.


    It is from this struggle that Mod Markit was born.


    Mod Markit is a platform which aims to make modest fashion easy and accessible. We provide a platform for modest fashion brands to sell their clothing at our pop up markets, as well as offering shoppers the opportunity to sell and swap their own pre-loved clothing by hiring a stall; ultimately offering modest dressers a one stop shopping experience.


    While at the surface Mod Markit seems to be fashion focused, it stems deeper. It is about creating opportunity in a place where it once didn't once exist. Its about providing leadership roles and business opportunities for Muslim women, and women of colour. Its about writing our own narrative and creating strong visual representation to reflects our beauty, through our lens. It is about creating a space for growth, for sisterhood and for individual expression; and welcoming men and women of all faiths who share this passion for modest dress into this space.

    In the near future our #goals are to turn Mod Markit into an app, and in the meantime we are working tirelessly to providing pop up markit's to cater to you all.


    Zulfiye Tufa - Mod Markit Director



    September 30TH - 14 Gaffney St, Coburg North



    Featuring Local and International Modest Fashion Brands

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    Zulfiye Tufa

    Sena Kocoglu

    Ayse Akdeniz

    Fatima ElCheikh & Aysha Tufa

    Saajeda Elsayed

    Nada Breik & Burcu Kocoglu

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